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Did you know as member of EAA that you have access to Permanent Life Insurance for

You - Your Spouse -Children & Grandchildren -Parents and Grandparents

These valuable plans are offered via convenient payroll deduction and are 100% portable. For more information, please contact Diane Willey at 443-253.6197 or via dwilley@rktongue.com

Don’t forget to visit us at federaleaa.org or e-mail us at info@federaleaa.org


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Great News! We have been working hard to make it easier for Federal EAA members to sign up for benefits.  Maryland Residents can now enroll anytime just by making an appointment. (Other States will be added at a later date)

The sign up is done remotely using your computer and speaking to the Agent over the phone. The application is taken, then sent to you to sign electronically via email.

Please contact us for more information.

Email:  dwilley@rktongue.com

Call:     443-253-6197

Website: www.federaleaa.org